Our Community

Nautsa’mawt FC is a program within the Hope and Health organization and has been inspired through the 12+ years of sport for social impact and development across Indigenous communities. As such, Nautsa’mawt FC will continue to be integrated into all community based program delivery via annual community camps and multi-week H3 program delivery AND community based children, youth and coaches will be invited to partake in opportunities through the Nautsa’mawt FC team platform such as attend and partake in home games and tap into the mentorship program embedded within the Nautsa’mawt FC business model.


There are 10 community camps in the works for 2023 where Nautsa’mawt FC will be active participants.  To learn more about Hope and Health and the communities we serve please visit:


Meet our mascot Raven who is a trickster, a transformer – a being that changes things – sometimes quite by accident and sometimes on purpose! (as informed by Coast Salish mythology)

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